Rain Barrel Soaker Hoses

Green Water Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit comes with everything you need for drip watering in your garden! 50′ of soaker hose, 20′ of additional connection hose, and all fittings are included in our soaker hose kit. Soaker hose kit will connect to Green Water Rain Barrels via included metal faucet. Place soaker hose around garden/plantings and simply turn on the spigot! Please call for additional questions or lengths (custom sizing up to 150′ available).

$39.95 plus $4.95 s/h charges.

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 Mr. Soaker is made from 100% recycled materials, 70% from recycled rubber and 30% recycled polyethylene products that are re-pelletized for use in the process.

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is a great way to provide natural rain water to your garden “one drop at a time”. Rainwater is natural, useful, it’s soft and free of dissolved minerals. In other words, it’s great for use on your plants and flowers in your garden, your trees and shrubs as well. And above all……it’s FREE! Using rain water will also reduce your water bill. If you have “city water,” you pay your municipality for supplying the water based on your usage level. If you have “well water,” you pay for the electricity to run your water pump.

Using Rain Barrel Soaker Hose, the quality of rainwater is unsurpassed when it comes to watering plants landscapes. Captured rainwater is free of the salts and pollutants associated with ground and surface water. In urban areas, the natural acidity of rainwater is good for soils that have become alkaline from cement-leached lime. The natural temperature of rain water doesn’t shock plants, the way cold tap water can. Best of all, rainwater contains no chlorine, a chemical added to drinking water that inhibits plant growth.

The most common way to capture rainwater is to use a barrel or a bucket. Today’s rain barrels are more advanced and so much more than a simple barrel that collects rainwater. Some rain barrels have a screen on the top to keep leaves and other debris out of the water. Others have a tap on the barrel, which you can use to fill up your watering can or attach your rain barrel soaker hose to.

I have rain water in a barrel, now what? Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is specially formulated to work with any rain barrel or other gravity fed system. It is a low flow, high output soaker hose that allows maximum output for flower and other garden areas. Rain barrel soaker hose uses Mr. Soaker Hose .580 compression fittings. By using the simple black/yellow fittings you can create your own custom soaker hose system for your garden area. Imagine using 100′ of soaker hose in your garden with the best water there is, Mother Nature’s!

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$39.95 plus $4.95 s/h charges!

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