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Green Water rain barrels are available in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. Call to order at 1-800-757-0340 or click on Products for Sale.

What Makes Green Water Rain Barrels Better?

What makes Green Water rain barrels better?

If you’re looking for a rain barrel in Central Texas, below are a few differences between Green Water rain barrels and anything else available. Perfect for Organic Gardening, Indoor Plants, Pets, Car Washes, Windows, Aquariums and many other household uses!

Top 12 reasons to buy Green Water Rain Barrels.
  1. Green Water Rain Barrels are recycled from local Austin companies. Plastic rain barrels do not hold up well in Texas weather and can allow light which promotes algae growth. Green Water rain barrels are made from high-quality steel. The barrels we select for use are lined with a polymer lining that prevents rusting. The contents are also food-grade, so there are no contamination issues. Your purchase helps save landfill waste by renewing local discarded materials and is the most eco-friendly rain barrel on the market.
  2. Green Water Rain Barrels have higher water collection capacities (up to 165 gallons) compared to alternative products.
  3. All Green Water rain barrels qualify for the City of Austin (UP TO $82.50!!) and the City of San Marcos ($50) Rain Barrel Rebate program. Click HERE for more information.
  4. Sturdy wooden stands are included with all purchases at no additional costs. This is important, as other rain barrels do not include this feature. Rain barrels that sit on the ground and do not have a spigot connected to the bottom of the unit will have low water pressure, and are hard to fill watering containers with. Our specially designed stand allows for higher water pressure output and elevates the rain barrel for easy access.  This also allows the water to drain completely from the unit making Green Water rain barrels maintenance-free.  Other products that do not empty WILL turn water stagnant and create unpleasant odor and maintenance issues.  Two stand choices available—pressure-treated pine, or stained/sealed natural cedar.
  5. Solid metal spigots are included at no additional costs. Many rain barrels include a small plastic spigot which may break or not be compatible with all garden hoses. Our brass fittings assure that any garden hose can be attached to our systems PHOTO SPIGOT.
  6. Debris screens keep out roof debris and prevent mosquito growth. Other rain barrels require constant cleaning and the use of mosquito dunks to prevent insect growth. Green Water units are virtually maintenance-free!
  7. Overflow valves allow excess rainwater to be diverted to other areas away from the foundation. This is recommended by all professional roofers and gutter companies.
  8. All dual and triple systems are connected below and act as one large collection system. All barrels fill up and empty at the same time!
  9. Pricing—Green Water rain barrels are priced lower than many plastic units found online. Our triple unit (165 gallons) is one of the most economical rain barrel found anywhere.
  10. Delivery and professional installation available for Central Texas.
  11. Rain chains and other accessories can be found at Green Water, making your rain water harvesting shopping a one-stop-shop.
  12. Green Water supports many local water saving conservation initiatives and non-profits. Part of your purchase goes to help Central Texas water conservation programs.

Click HERE to view our products page for inventory and current sale prices.

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